Hillsboro New Seasons workers appear to turn down unionization (011723-copy)

Workers at New Seasons Market in Hillsboro moved to unionize in 2022. Election results show that a majority voted down the unionization proposal, however, and now a local labor group is contesting the results and saying the company illegally coerced workers ahead of the election. 

The National Labor Relations Board has called a hearing to investigate after a local union chapter accused a New Seasons Market in Hillsboro of tampering with workers' vote last year on whether to form a labor union.

Employees at the store, located at 1453 N.E. 61st Ave. in the Orenco Station neighborhood, first filed with the NLRB for a union election back in May 2022. The employees recruited the UFCW Local 555 union, which represents workers at several other grocery stores and food service businesses, to help them organize.

Troy Shinn is a reporter based in Hillsboro.



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