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Employees at the Hillsboro Starbucks located at 2002 N.E. Stucki Ave. have filed for a union election, joining dozens of stores in Oregon that have taken similar steps. Hundreds of Starbucks locations across the country have unionized in the past year. 

Workers at a Hillsboro Starbucks have filed for a union election, becoming the 25th Oregon store to organize, according to a recent filing with the National Labor Relations Board.

The Starbucks Workers United labor group, which has grown alongside a national effort by Starbucks employees to unionize, made the announcement via Twitter on Jan. 31 that the Hillsboro store located at 2002 N.E. Stucki Ave. had filed for an election.




"As a lifelong Oregonian, I got into journalism to be one of the people asking tough questions. Reporters look out for the public’s interests and hold powerful people to account, which is something that’s invaluable for local communities. It’s why I support the mission to keep newsrooms locally controlled, because when the news loses that community focus it no longer represents the people who live there."

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